Publication designed by Hijos de Martín

Performance and installation in collaboration with the Coral Xeremell.

For I ENS VAM PREGUNTAR: I ARA, COM CANTEM SI NO CANTEM PLEGADES I proposed to the teenagers choir grup of my hometown to create a song and sing it in the Museu Moli Paperer - the Hand-made Paper Museum- which have an exhibition room for proposals that regulary have no relation to the citizens from the town.

During the process to do a song we focus to the process itself: How can we do a chorus collectivelly? Does my body works as a speaker when we sing a song that is not us? Can the youth have it’s own voice? How can be a common voice? Can we write a song together? And if we can do it, what we’ll say and what we’ll repeat?
From the questions that emerged creating the chorus we split into groups to write the different verses that will dialogue with the chorus: If we split in groups should we continue doing it by the tones of voice? Or we split for friendship and the modes of work? Which debt will have the verses with the chorus?

I designed different scarves for each 'verses group' with quotes related to their lyrics but also generating a new text. The scarves, an audio of a rehearsal day and the video of the performance were last displayed in the exhibition room.

Natàlia Andueza, Gemma Bellostas, Marta Blasco, Meritxell Bou, Berta Castells, Marta Colet, Laia Estrada, Johanna Fernàndez, Carla Flix, Clàudia Giménez, Cinta Llorens, Joana Margarit, Irene Merino, Cèlia Munné, Maria Paredes, Laia Ramírez, Marta Sabater, Aina Valls.
Com en un concert massiu
taral·leja alguna cosa fàcil
d'espatlla a espatlla fins a la gola
tant sols les notes es repeteixen
Installation view
audio + silk scarves + video of the performance
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