so much flex
HD mono-channel video,
audio and color

Pan (Danielle Condé)
Pere Fortuño
Daniel Chamizo

camera 1
Carles Pons
Jordi Castells
Borja V Conde

Alexia Garriga
still images
Cassandra Stuyt

thanks to:
Sala d'Art Jove
La Poderosa

photo by Cassandra Stuyt
Exhibition view. Fundació Suñol. Barcelona (ES)
So much flex is a video in which an audition of three characters
(a contortionist, a bodybuilder and a vogue dancer) explores and links the notion of administration, managing and performance.
Surrounded by a tired and boring beige, the video shows the preproduction stage of an (uncertain) future work, where "so much flex" could be a precarious video of different characters with potential to explote perform, or may become the name of a place to work your muscles and give them shape, or a yoga slogan to promote being flexible and have organizational skills, or the name of a song written to give everything you've got to the dance floor and say: "you were so flex in the dancehall."

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