claudia pagès
Arrela’t, nena, arrela’t is a project that takes shape in a book and a performance that work as a revisited operetta and its libretto, where narrative text and oral language is entwined. The book narrates different economies that happen in the neighborhood such as gleaners collecting objects, trading systems in flea markets and contemporary companies that deal with logistic and distribution like Amazon, Deliveroo or others. Meanwhile supermarket trolleys full of iron are pushed down the pedestrian sides, delivering bikers occupy the bike lines and other logistic transportations slide on the pavement. The book also traces how the city plan has been modified for those logistic operations, and if it starts in a specific flea market neighborhood, it traces the objects and movements all the way to the Barcelona Harbor and its cruise ships.

Performing Noela Covelo and Claudia Pagès
Music Production Pau Riutort
Fences Martin Llavaneras
Costumes Joe Highton
Advidors Andrea Rodrigo and Laura Ramírez

Link to Vimeo:

Arrela’t nena, arrela’t is a story written and spoken by scenes in which language and objects of the current Barcelona self-storage- logistics-punk 2019 are gleaned. The city routes and systems of distribution and circulation are taken, in which objects navigate and are gleaned, are extracted from other places. And in which passers-by, those who occupy the asphalt, who speak, say: